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35th Reunion Pictures 1

Cecilia Potter Nanni, Carol Winter Fries, Geralyn Humphreys LaPorte & Terri Endres

Carol Winter Fries, Cecilia Potter Nanni & Terri Endres

Rosie Hill Breller, Carol Winter Fries, Cecilai Potter Nanni & Terri Endres

Carol, Rosie, Cecilia & Terri

Terri & Bud Warfield

Sandy Knight Mandel, Emanuel Amato, Geralyn and Steve Mandel

Carol & Pat Ward

Carol & Terri

Emanuel, Sandy, Steve, Bud, Carol & Geralyn

Ace LaPorte, Rosie, Sue Ward & Pat

Terri & Cecilia

Emanuel & Terri

Sandy, Steve & Terri

Andrew Rosasco. Simona Rosasco, Cecilia, Emanuel, Bud, Geralyn, Ace (Hidden) Steve, Pat, Sue, Rosie, Carol, Terri & Sandy 

Same as above

Terri and Andrew

Terri  and Carol & Cecilia (sort of)

Steve, Emanuel, Geralyn & Bud

Rosie, Pat & Sue Ward

Steve, Terri & Carol

Same group picture as above. If you look between Terri & Sandy you can just see Ace