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In Memory

Mary Verploegen *

Mary Verploegen *

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12/30/08 08:32 AM #1    

Victoria Gaucher (Levesque)

There is not a year that goes by that I don't think about Mary...and miss her. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She was always serving her family, especially her brothers. She had a infectious laugh and we had so much fun together. We shared a locker. Pete made a shelf so that my books would fit in her locker. We decorated it...and she had a picture of her cat and a funny one of her mother. We enjoyed each others' friendship. My heart aches when I think that she has not had the joy of getting married or having children. She would have loved coming to the reunion. She was one in a million.

01/06/09 08:33 AM #2    

Warren Speller

It was much too soon for her to leave us, because she was on the treahold of leading her life as a young woman. I pray that her family knows that Gods Love and mercy still has a plan for her. He may have needed another Angel, and chose Mary to come.

Warren Speller

01/28/09 03:31 AM #3    

Peter Congiundi

Many of you probably did not know that Mary and I drove/rode to school with each other for several years. We were the two people that lived so far out from Catholic High that it was a natural thing for us to car pool together. We talked of many things over the years, and I was shocked to learn of her death, and the way she passed. Many of us went to her funeral and for many of us, it was our first experience of losing someone close to us...both in age and friendship. I always thought she was "cool"...because her brothers were cool and she was so by association, and also because she had a great outlook on many things we discussed on those long rides to and from school. Looking back on her death, I think had she been able to weather whatever storm she was dealing with at the time; she would have found her place with a great partner and in turn had a wonderful loving family that would have sustained her for many years. I miss her and still think of her often. I try not to wonder too much about the why, and find comfort in the fact that she is in a better place.

01/31/09 11:29 PM #4    

Rosie Hill (Breller)

A few weeks before she died, I saw Mary on St. Mary's church steps after Mass. We chatted for a few minutes, and she shared some feelings with me that, at the time, and at the age of eighteen, seemed benign. When she turned to leave, she looked at me and said.."we should get together and have lunch soon"..and I nodded my head and said the typical.."sure, we'll have to do that"..a well meaning response to such a familiar statement.

A few weeks later, Mary was gone, and I have never forgotten her words..They were a simple sentiment, one that all of us have said many times in our lives, but I have never treated those words casually since..

That experience, through Mary, taught me not to take an invitation lightly, and to follow through when someone reaches out, even if disguised, by a simple request to have lunch

02/06/09 11:53 AM #5    

Arnetha Jackson (Welcome)

I think Mary shared a piece of memory in each one of us. I will never forget the times when I would see Mary @ her locker getting her books for the next class. She wouldn't pass you wthout speaking/smiling showing her braces. Mary was truly a God sent individual... She was an Angel.
Nita Welcome

07/21/09 08:33 AM #6    

Angela Durant (Turner)

I just read all of the comments posted about Mary and I agree with everyone....Lorna, you are right that the loss of a child would be the worst thing in life. I still think about Mary and remember attending the funeral with Brenda Peck and Mary Amato. I am still saddened by it all these years later.

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